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CNC Sawing


Our sawing center is equipped with four CNC band saws.
For storage and logistics we have a warehouse area of over 1,000 sqm with heavy duty shelves in the outdoor area, and over 500 square meters of covered warehouse space with variable storage shelves and two automated racking systems.
Our premises have two entrances and can therefore be driven by tractor-trailers and trucks with trailers in any size - without laborious turning or maneuvering.
Incoming material is discharged at us with packaging machines, two forklifts forwarding the vehicles, and then sorted with the 5000 kg overhead crane either in the Paternoster shelf, or raised directly on the feed tables of the automatic band saws. By this way we work most efficiently and with the highest reliability.
Our clients are major international companies in the machinery and plant engineering.
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Sawing Sawing rod goods Sawing raw material
With an efficient logistics concept, on demand with online connection to the customer's own software, we have developed highly attractive storage solutions for the entire sawing complex which are proven and tested under a wide variety of practical conditions for our customers.
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